A Pondering: Theology is Constructed

A Pondering: A quick thought or random wondering

I listen to some people talk about theology sometimes as if it something that can be downloaded from some heavenly cloud and thus will arrive in a perfect package, neatly compiled.

But, its not like that is it?

Theology is constructed, it’s built, its wrestled with, and bled over. It doesn’t just turn up in your lap fully made, it has to be worked for.

If we’re talking Christian theology, you can read the Bible, explore Church history, and come up with a wide range of theologies that may be biblically sound.

But, just because you can make the argument from scripture, and just because you can pull together the threads of church history to back up your claims, doesn’t mean that your theology is alive with the Spirit of Christ.

You only have to take a moment to examine the theologies that sat behind Europeon colonization and American Exceptonalism and Manifest Destiny to know that to be true. Historically some of the greatest atrocities and inhuman acts of our own Western Empire have been perpetuated by people who could rely on the church to validate their own Imperial endeavors through the use of carefully constructed biblical theology.

This is why acknowledging that we all come to the Scriptures from a different lens, and read it with a different set of presuppositions is really important. Because, without that acknowledgement the danger is that we become uncritical of our own theological reflection, leaving us in a place where we can see the harms our theology has wrought, yet unable to reexamine it without chucking out our own faith.

If our theology does not lead to life, if its fruit is bad, and it is not in step with the Spirit of Christ, than their is an urgent need to reevaluate it.

I think sometimes we too easily forget that the Word of God is not some dead, old, dusty book. The Word became flesh, it was murdered, and was raised to Life, it is still speaking today, still singing its song of Liberation and Freedom, to whoever will choose to listen.

A.J. Hendry

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