Reflection #35: Original Goodness / A.J. Hendry

Reading: Genesis 1

It can be really easy to be overcome by how messed up this world is. For me at least.

Daily, I bear witness to the consequences of some of the worst our society has to offer our people. Its horrendous, and to be honest traumatic. Holding Hope is a constant struggle. Can we be redeamed? Is there any value left in this world? Shouldn’t we just burn it all and start again?

The Divine invites us into the work of Justice and Restoration, but how to sustain in when confronted constantly with how horrifically terrific we have messed up this world?

Its easy to believe the narrative of Original Sin, and various versions of Worm Theology, when examining the mess we’ve made.

But, there’s no hope in that.

If all we, all of us, are totally corrupt, totally depraved, what hope is there for creation, for us, for our current lives here on earth?

But, its not true is it? We are not totally depraved, we are inherently and originally good.

The Divine created, and Her Creation, is good. We are good, within each of us there is the most beautiful capacity to Love, to care for others, to sacrifice our own desires in order to serve each other. This goodness is there, in every single human being. Not just those who chose to bear the title of “Christian”, it has been within us since the dawn of Creation.

There is evil in this world, we humans do some messed up things, we hurt others, we hurt ourselves, we dull the Divine image we all bear. But, we still bear that image, even when it has become dull and thus its reflection is distorted.

We are Good, humanity is worthy of redemption, creation is worthy of restoration, we are Good because we were created by a Good God, who is not willing to give up on Her Creation.

And if the Divine is not willing to stop Loving us, to stop healing us, to stop restoring us, than how can I give up on my whanau? How can I give up on my self?

Let us not forsake the work of Justice due to the mountain that must be climbed. The Divine is Good.

And She is making all things new.

A.J. Hendry

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