Reflection 26: Dreaming The Dream / A.J. Hendry

Reading: The Book of Acts 2

This chapter is one of those that continually captures my imagination. In it I get a glimpse of what the Divine Dream might look like, the Kingdom, the alternative society growing out of the heart of the Empire.

They shared everything they had, they sold their possessions, and looked after those in need. They weren’t divided by ethnic or cultural lines, nor did they seek to degrade the cultures of others by forcing assimilation. They didn’t wait for the Empire to begin to feed the poor, house the homeless, look after the sick, they just began doing it. Because, poverty, and homelessness, and inequality are not part of the Divines dream for this world. They are not a part of The Way.

And so, they set about to Dream with the Divine. To dream Dreams that were so good, they had to become. And they did. They became alive in this little community, formed around the teachings of Jesus, they became home for those who did not have one, they become bread, for those who were hungry, they became whanau, for those who lacked community, they became a hug for those who needed an embrace. They dreamed so hard, and so freely, and so passionately, that the world woke up! Humanity began to recognize its own Divine value, we began to see how important we all are, how precious, how loved, we began to recognize that people are people, and regardless of status, or power, or whatever other quantifiers you want to add, we matter, simply because.

And so the world is changed, and the Divine keeps Dreaming, and as she Dreams She dances, throughout time, throughout space, inviting others to Dream with Her. To Dream of a world where all people are free, are loved, are fed, are safe, are empowered, are enabled to Be.

And as she dances Her Dream spins out into the world, seeking those who will but Dream with Her, who will join Her, and allow the Dream to become in them.

Today she spins next to you, Her Dream spilling forth, looking for a home.

Will you Dream with Her?

A.J. Hendry

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