Reflection #25: Get Your Head Outta the Clouds / A.J. Hendry

Reading: The Book of Acts 1

What would you do if you only had days left on earth? What would you want to say to your friends, or share with your whanau?

It struck me that Luke records that Jesus spent His last days talking about the Kingdom of God, the Divine Dream. I found that interesting. Interesting because it once again directs us towards Jesus’ focus, and by extension the focus of the Early Church.

Jesus didn’t sit down and lay out in detail the most true, and accurate, way to speak of atonement. He didn’t outline in detail his take on Creation Theology, and walk his disciples step by step through the moral guidelines needed in order to judge whether an individual could join the beloved community. He didn’t clearly define the most holy of sexual ethics, in order to rid his community of any future ambiguity. He spoke with them about the Kingdom. About the Divine Dream He had for this world.

And still, they didn’t get it. In these early days their vision of the kingdom was still Imperial, they wanted to know about defeating the Roman’s, about Making Israel Great again, but Jesus dissuades them from that kind of thought. Instead he encourages them to bear witness to His name, to tell the people that a new Lord has arrived, and a new Kingdom has come.

And then he is taken to Heaven, and the disciples spend a day staring into the sky, before an angel turns up and tells them to get their heads out of the clouds, and to move on.

As I reflected on this I thought of how much time and energy is wasted debating, and agonizing over this vague theological concept, or that philosophical framework. Theology and philosophy have their place, and the detail of different ideas, can be a lot of fun to wrestle through, but we should be careful that we don’t spend our whole day staring up into the clouds, while ignoring what the Divine is already doing in this world.

The Kingdom of the Divine has come, the Mother of the world has named Jesus as Lord, and She, He, They, are at work restoring this world, healing what is broken, making new what is old, but too many who identify as followers of the Way, are missing what’s going on, too busy staring into the clouds, to recognize the Divine is very much still within our midst.

Our work – if you want to call it work – is the Kingdom. Our invitation, is to follow. Our priority, is to Love.

A.J Hendry

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