Reflection #22: The Powers Always Crash Down / A.J. Hendry

Reading: Luke 22

Did you think you could stand for Justice and not be crucified?

Did you think you could follow the Way of Love and not be beaten?

Did you think you could join the resistance, conspire with the Divine, and not be crushed by the Empire?

You wanted Liberation, but did you mean it? You cried out for Justice, but were you willing to pay the price? You railed against the machine, but were you prepared to get your hands dirty to dismantle it?

The Powers always come.

Those who seek Liberation, who stand on the side of Justice, who join the Divine in defiance of the Empire, they cannot escape the wrath that will come.

The Powers always crash down.

And when they do, you have a choice. Will you pay the cost, or will you jump ship? Will you hold the course, or sway to smoother waters?

There is a cost that comes with Liberation.

To many Pakeha like the idea of joining the Resistance, more than they want to do the work necessary to realize our joint Liberation. It’s easy to turn up to a march with hundreds of people, to wear the #landback t-shirt or the rainbow pin on your lapel, to tweet a quick tweet, or insta your activism, but at some point our lives have to live up to our rhetoric. When the Powers come, when they reject you, when they turn your friends and family against you, when you become ostracized within your community on account of where you’ve placed your feet, will you stand firm? When you lose the respect of people you care about, or are persecuted and rejected by people you love, will you stand firm? When you’re alone in a space that is a stronghold of the Empire, will you raise your voice with those voices that have been excluded? When you recognize your wealth is the result of unjust means, when you realize you “own” stolen land, when you awaken to the power and privilege you’ve inherited as a result of the color of your skin, what will you do? Will your life march in step with your tweets? Will your actions be as loud as your placards?

The Powers always crash down.

There is a cost to following the radical, Jewish, revolutionary they called Jesus.

The Empire doesn’t fall in a day, and no single act of resistance will topple it’s power.

But, it will fall.

As more and more people choose to Love, choose to resist Hatred, Racism, and Greed, choose to recognize our joint humanity, and make the necessary sacrifices to achieve our joint Liberation, the Empire will fall.

The Empire always crashes down, but in the end, it is Love that will win.

A.J. Hendry

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