Reflection #17: Today I have no Hope – A Lament / A.J. Hendry

Reading: Luke 17

“The Kingdom of God will not be detected visibly…”

Today, I have no hope.

The Divine Dream seems like just that, a dream. A figment of an idealists imagination, an impossibility in a world where dreams just don’t come true.

My body aches for Justice, my soul joins the Divine Scream in agony over those who suffer. There is no Hope for Liberation. There is no Hope.

We long for a Kingdom that will never come. We fight for a freedom which is unattainable. We are foolish dreamers. Dreaming of a reality that will never be.

And yet in my despair there is the tiniest speck of hope. I am reminded of those who foolishly pour out their lives in pursuit of this Dream. Who forsake wealth, comfort, security, in order to serve and stand alongside those our systems and structures have oppressed. I think of those who have been crushed under the weight of systemic racism and oppression who dare to believe they have worth, who refuse to allow what we’ve done to them to define who they are. I am reminded of all who suffer for righteousness sake, for the Divine Dream will become their reality.

So yes, today I don’t believe, today it’s all to much, today I rail at the sky, today I give in to despair, but tomorrow I will remember. I will remember these, Jesus’ most faithful coconspirators, those who bear His name and those who carry others, I will see in them the beginnings of the Divine Dream Jesus laid out for us, and I will once again live in Hope.

A.J. Hendry

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