Reflection #15: The Doors Open Wider than We Think

Reading: Luke 15

Who are you, or I, to say who is in, or who is out?

Who are we to try to define who the Divine will accept, and who She won’t?

When I first began to get to know my street whānau I used to go out onto Queen Street with food and cloths. I would give out parcels, and pray and talk with the whānau. At first I believed I was helping them, little did I know, they would save me.

As I spent more time with our whānau, I began to question my assumption that they were the ones needing saving. I found a community of people that Loved each other, that looked after the most vulnerable amoungst them, a people who would give the only blanket they had to their neighbour, or share what food they had managed to gather from the mornings dumpster dive, with those who were hungry. I found a community that had faith in the Divine, who believed that regardless of their circumstances that She was looking out for them, that She would protect them.

I found Jesus.

Of course this community wasn’t perfect, they were flawed, truamed, they hurt each other, they hurt others, they struggled, they fought, they were human. But, since when was perfection the standard.

The point is, they knew they belonged to the Divine. They didn’t look “Christian”, their theology was imperfect, and to be quite honest would probably get them excommunicated from most “Christian” communities, they were “sinners” by every standard the church might set, they were druggies, thieves, criminals and misfits, but, they were His.

Who are we, to decide who is in or out? That is not our decision to make.

The Divine’s Love is so much greater, far more inclusive and all embracing than many of us have the courage to imagine.

She accepts the unaccepted. She Loves those who have been named unlovable. She opens Her arms to those all others close the door.

She is Love, and Love, is the Way.

A.J. Hendry

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