Even if Being Gay was a Sin, Would it Even Matter? / A.J. Hendry

Note: this was almost, but not quite A Pondering. It is not meant as an intensive look at the subject in question, but rather as a musing which I hope will contribute to the overall discussion. I hope to expand on this thought in the future

Often when we have the discussion about the place of our LGBTQ whanau in the church, the question centres around whether or not being Gay is a sin or not.

Yet, even if it was…. would it matter?

Think about this for a second.

When we say that Gay or Lesbian Christian’s can’t participate in the full life of the church because they “are actively rebelling against the will of God” what exactly are we saying?

Are we saying that in order to be worthy to serve Jesus, and participate in the life and Love of community with fellow believers we need to be living perfect, blameless lives? Or at least be striving to do so?

Because, if that is what we are saying, then we need to think that through a bit more.

If you – like me – live in the West, you are part of a system which both oppresses and dehumanizes people around the world. The cloths you wear, the food you eat, the car you drive, all came at a cost.

And, the reality is, it wasn’t you or me who payed it.

We are all a part of a system that feeds off the greed, consumerism and selfishness of it’s people. The fact that a lot of what we consume in the West comes to us thanks to the rape and pillage of the Third World, should be enough to stop us in our tracks.

Yet, it’s not.

You see, we’re trapped.

To refuse to participate in this system is almost impossible. It would take a radical reordering of our lives, a dramatic deconstruction of all we hold dear.

And even then, even if we completely transformed how we lived, it seems almost impossible to imagine we could ever be completely free.

And so, most of us just give into our greed.

It is so much easier to ignore the fact that our cloths are made by slaves, then to care enough to do something about it.

And yet, by the scales we use to judge our Gay and Lesbian whanau, this would mean we also must be excluded from service and participation within the Church.

For when we look at 1 Cor 6, we find that in the very passage we use to discriminate against our Gay whanau, we are also faced with the uncomfortable realization that Paul says that even people who give into their greed ‘will not inherit the Kingdom of God’.

It seems to me that even in the sinful, rebellious, state we are in, God accepts us.

Even though we continue to ignore the injustice and oppression caused by our lifestyles, He continues to invite us into relationship.

He takes us as we are, He Loves us anyway.

Jesus doesn’t excommunicate us because we got up to lead worship in a new pair of Nike’s, or prevent us from being in the preaching team because we went on a shopping spree and ‘scored the meanest deals at H&M on Saturday’.

No, for some reason, even in the face of our blatant hypocrisy, he accepts us.

So, in light of this, even if it was Sin, would it even matter?

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